Bittle Frick Families Ancestry Group

Premier Edition and I will be posting genealogy, paper and genetic, information on this blog and would appreciate any that you can contribute.

My name is Richard Wayne Bittle and I hope that this will be entertaining and informative to all who are interested in their near and far ancestry.
Bittle’s and Frick’s have been around for hundreds of years in Europe and then in the colonies in the early 1600’s.
This is my first venture at blogging and I have much to learn so have patience with me and we, together, can build and make available to all who are interested in their heritage, a repository of that heritage.
Free to all who care to imbibe.
I will be publishing links and sites that I have utilised over the last 40 years of research, even prior to the plethora of information now found online.
Genetic tests have been submitted to the Big 3., FTdna and 23andme. The results will be published on this site.

I encourage all Bittle’s and Fricks to get tested and we then can break down those proverbial Brick Walls so prevalent with all who conduct research.
Thank you and let us proceed to build the trees.
Richard Wayne Bittle GO TO Bittle to attain access to this blog.

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5 Responses to Bittle Frick Families Ancestry Group

  1. bittle30 says:

    If you have trouble at, keep trying as I just set this up and might necessitate adjustments.

  2. Hello Bittle Blog…My (ggg(not sure how many) grandmother was Susannah Frick, Jonesboro, IL
    she was married to David Masters, their daughter (Anna Lavonia Masters) married Joshua Macky (Mackey)…who is my Brick Wall. If you know anything about him, please contact me at (don’t know much about blogging) only emails. I went to Jonesboro, Illinois a few years ago to do genealogy and visited the “Clear Creek Baptist graveyard which is now Jonesboro Cementary” and took pictures. Paul Frick’s headstone is right behind my gg grandfather and mother’s headstone (David Frank and Rebecca Rinehart Mackey) son of JOSHUA MACKY. I have a picture of Paul Frick’s headstone but I don’t know how to post it.
    Thanks for any info you may have, I was so glad to see your notes on the internet. (Kay) Carolyn Mackey Fletcher.

    • bittle30 says:

      I responded to Carolyn Fletcher and offered information as to Joshua Mackey (“Brick Wall” comment). That was the Joshua she was looking for.
      As to Susannah Frick…That would have been another Susannah Frick and not Cornelius Frick’s mother. I would opine that the Family Search info is incorrect.
      Happy to have been of some assistance.

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