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  1. Jacob Frick the grandson of Heinrich Frick(my 10th great grandfather born 1616) was the 1st Frick to land on America soil on Sept 18 1733.all of my family resided in PA,NY,and MI.Jacob’s grandfather Heinrich was abused and tortured for not conforming to Switzerland new government, as he had turned Mennonite Anabaptist. His 2 farms in Frickenthal were taken from him. Heinrich’s family goes back to Gorius Gregor Frick and Elizabeth Huber who were married on October 28 1553.Diana Frick -Simons of Michigan

    • bittle30 says:

      Rudolph Frick arrived in America in 1733. His son, Jacob Frick was born in Bucks County PA in 1751 and emigrated to Rowan County NC where he married Eva Elizabeth Earnhardt. They removed to Union county IL, Jonesboro in 1823. Did you observe the pension application of Jacob who fought in the Revolutionary War, on this blog site?
      I assume you are aware of Alexander Topchy work at WikiTree? How about Ardath Katsenis, Frick Family of the South?
      Lisa Destiche and Lois Cypert, have contributed much research of which I utilize.
      Were you aware of the Frick Family of Southern Illinois?
      I look forward to your response.
      Richard Bittle
      It seems that our Frick lines came originally from Knonau Switzerland, Kappel d’Albis.

  2. Anyone who is interested in the Frick families that immigrated from Switzerland and Germany can find them on find a

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