Tour of Union County Illinois March 14,2012

My brother Bob and I  took a tour of Union County IL, Jonesboro area and spent about 8 hours recalling old memories. I wanted to share this with the Frick descendants today, April 24, 2014.

Arrived in Jonesboro and drove Cook Avenue as far as we could go on Pansy Hill Road (Cook) to a site where Ron Bittle, our brother once lived and now owned by a Hepburn. (Larry). Gated at this point so could go no further down the hill to the Daniel Frick (Lillian Doris Ferrell) home site. We then drove to Williford Road to the end and to the Jonesboro cemetery where we observed many Bittle, Frick, Ferrell and Turner tombstones and markers. We passed by the home site of Benjamin Buckner (POP) Ferrell (Augusta Jane Turner).

We returned to Route 146 toward Ware, IL (Willard’s Ferry Road) to Berryville Road and traveled and  traveled on it to the Lockard Chapel Church which was built on land donated by Cornelius Frick, son of Sussanah (Susan) Frick, daughter of Jacob Frick, our ancestor who fought and was pensioned, in the Revolutionary War from Rowan county North Carolina. Jacob’s father, Rudolph immigrated with family to Pennsylvania circa 1750.

We turned at the Y intersection southeast, I think, until we arrived at the McClure School, the site of many Pie Suppers/Dances by our ancestors for many years. We ventured up the lane by the creek at the bottom of the ridge, leading by the home of Herman L Frick, where Amos and Angus (twins) lived with their father Angus W. Frick. (mother requires more research. Angus W was the brother of Daniel Frick, our grandpa.

We found no trace of the foundation at the old home site, where Dan and Doris raised all of their 13 children.

This home site sets at the bottom of Pansy Hill Road to Jonesboro and ties in to Cook Ave. that goes to Rt. 146 and to the Square at Jonesboro. This was the lane up the hill that Daniel would take with his wagon loaded with the fruits of his and his children helping out by planting, hoeing and picking and loading the produce consisting of potatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and green beans, wild blackberries and blueberries and persimmons. Dan would travel this route each Saturday morning and set up his stand at the Square, in season. After the day of bargaining and bartering, he would visit the local tavern where he would no doubt express his opinion of the current events alongside his social brethern and solve most of the problems of the World.

After an evening of libations he would then return home, where his horse knew the way, down to Pansy Hill Road. The kids could hear him singing and shouting for them to run and hide before he got home to give out the spankings that he had promised the previous days, and when he got home, with a snout full of White Lightnin or other beverage of his choice, he would go right to sleep and sleep it off, and get up the next day and start all over. I can imagine Pop Ferrell was most likely one of his comrades every Saturday at the tavern. I think both were strong democrats agreeing with all that FDR had put in place to try to solve the economic downturn that came to be known as the Depression of the 1930’s after the period of the Roaring Twenties. The Banks all took a holiday and took all of the money with them and left all of the depositors with an empty pocket. The Frick family lost all of their assets and most likely that consisted of most of the real estate holdings  consisting of several hundred acres. They were not alone however as most people were severely affected by this disasterous event.




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