Frick Family Ancestral Gleanings

Frick is a common surname in Switzerland and Germany.

It was first documented as the name of nobility as “von Frick” in the village of Frick, Switzerland, in 1227. In the 15th century the Frick nobility lived in the Knonau region, near Lake Zurich, and owned the area known as the Frickenthal.

The spread of Catholicism in the government of Zurich in the early 16th century created a divide between the city and the surrounding Protestant counties. In the early 16th century the government ordered the incarceration of all anabaptists. This lead to many people, including those Frick anabaptists, to either confess their faith and be executed, or flee to areas such as southern Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Pauline Bittle Frick Family – Thirteen Generations of Gentlemen with Frick as a surname.

Daniel 1897-1973 married Doris Lilian Ferrell. One of 12 children. Born Illinois, Union County

Herman L. Frick 1866-1937/ Isabella Brown.  Born Illinois Union County

Cornelius Frick  1833-1914/ Mary Jane Cook Born Illinois Union County

Susannah Frick  1797-1869 Born Rowan County North Carolina

Jacob Frick 1751-1839 / Eva Elizabeth Earnhardt  12 Children

Rudolph Frick 1709-1769/ Veronica ? Born Knonau Switzerland (First to America circa 1740 Bucks County PA

Felix Frick 1669-1737/38 (calender change) Born Uttenburg,Zurich Switzerland /Barbara Grob

Jacob Frick 1615-1671 / Born Knonau SW/ Elizabeth Biederman

Oswald Frick 1585-1624 Born Knonau Canton Zurich SW/ Katharina Gallman

Gregoriua Frick 1550-? Born Kappel on the Albis SW/ ?

Heinrich 1510 -? Kappel on the Albis SW/?

Klein-Rudolph 1470-? Kappel on the Albis SW/?

Heinrich abt 1440- ? Abbey of Kappel on the Albis, Switzerland

(Sources-Family Treemaker , Lisa J Destiche- GenForum, Jeremy Williams, various other sources located in my research papers.

Offered as background genealogy of the Frick Family of Jonesboro, Union County IL and now to Chapter 2…Tour of Union County IL taken by Richard and Bob Bittle

Chapter 2

We left the fields of the Frick properties that included Herman L. Frick’s, handed down, supposedly to Angus W and other Frick siblings, including Daniel Frick and his brother Angus W. Frick. Being there again brought back memories of long ago when I was 4 to 5 years old and we visited Granma and Granpa Frick, where one found a Pot Bellied Stove in the main room which would turn vivid red when stoked by Dan. I still carry the scar on my left arm, where I must have tripped and fell onto the red hot stove. An accident that happened and must have been disconcerting to those present and I wonder what folk remedy they used to treat the burn. I am sure there was a remedy.

We traveled then back to the Lockard Chapel Church and turned right at the first road to Joe Frick’s residence. Joe is cousin. Joe was at home and we carried on a conversation that lasted about 2 hours without pause.

Joe is quite the raconteur and he regaled Bob and I with many stories about our Frick ancestors, including Jacob Frick and all of his descendants. Joe is approximately the same age as Bob and I, and I am 7 years older than Bob. I was born in 1939 near the end of the Depression. I recall that gas was rationed as well as sugar and leather. A family would receive stamps to enable the purchase of those items, plus others. I remember as well, when one wore a hole in the sole of his shoes, that repair would be taken care of with a piece of cardboard being place inside under the sole of my foot. Leather shortage or money perhaps?

One story was about Uncle Herman Frick, Dan’s son and mother’s brother who supposedly was very scared of thunderstorms. One day he was in the field picking, hoeing and sowing a pop up thunderstorm occurred. Herman took off running to the house and quite literally, ran through the screen door, forgetting to open it prior to entry. Herman served in the Korean War in the 1950’s. Herman returned home with a disability known as “shell shock” and he was committed to the Veteran’s Home at the Anna State Hospital. While there he received an experimental procedure, a state of art method for treating those for what is now labeled P.T.S.D., post traumatic stress disorder. The treatment consisted of  electrodes attached to the head and a charge of electricity would be emitted which resulted in a convulsive body occurring simultaneously. This process would literally “fry” the frontal lobe of the brain, it was discovered. Today, cognitive behavior therapy would be utilized as the preferred method of treatment to those suffering brain shock as a result of active duty service for their country. Herman was eventually discharged and remained a very docile person to the end. Uncle Kenneth, who served in World War Two, Army, was the very able guardian for Herman as he lived out his life. Our Frick cousins who were the children of Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Irma would be able to relate the facts of Uncle Herman’s later life much better then I can recall. I only recall his strange actions when he would stay with my family upon his return.

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