Chapter 5 Herman L Frick Family

Herman L Frick born Aug. 14,1866 / Isabella Brown born Aug. 31, 1869

CHILDREN       note: All born in Union County IL

1)  Lela  born 2.27.1888   m CP Morgan

2) Jackson Elvis- born  9.2.1889 no marriage

3) Henry Lee Frick (Harley) b 4.18.1891 m ? Sharp

4) Ella Frick b 4.24.1893  m F. Morgan

5) Courier (Coney) b 2.11.1895  m ?Reynolds

6) Daniel  b 7.11.1898 m Doris Lillian Ferrell b 1.18.1898

7) Nona Frick b 8.1899 m ? Sullivan

8) Clyde Frick b 10.26 1901 m 1) Hileman 2) Turner

9) Homer Frick b 1.21.1905 m ?Earnhart  note: see Jacob Frick / Elizabeth Earnhart

10) Myrtle Frick b 11.02.1908    m ? Haynes

11) Virginia Frick b 1.16.1910    m ? Simon

12) Mildred Frick b 5.14 1916   m ? Rickert  

note: If you have first names and dates please notify me.




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One Response to Chapter 5 Herman L Frick Family

  1. I knew (and am related to) Nona and her husband, John Sullivan. She was an immaculate house keeper and served delicious ice cream and watermelon. (At different times – that is about all I can remember as I was probably six or seven years old. If we ever had a full meal with them, I cannot remember. It may have been just my mother and I dropped by to visit them. Their farm was not very far from ours.)

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