Chapter Nine …..Union County Illinois Tour

Joe Frick grew up with all of the Frick’s as they all lived very close on adjoining properties owned originally, perhaps by Jacob Frick, veteran of the Revolutionary War, from North Carolina, and prior to that Buck’s County PA in the 1750’s. Jacob settled in Meisenheimer Precinct in the early 1800’s and was engaged in the business of making wagon wheels, and various other implements and was a Wheelwright by trade. This was west and southwest of Jonesboro, Illinois. 

Joe and I discussed the story that I observed online regarding the Trail of Tears traverse through Union County, Jonesboro Illinois. Seems a Mr. Frick, who owned land on both sides of the road, (Berryville Road), perhaps, near Lockard Chapel Church, would not permit the Cherokee’s to pass through his property, on their way to the Mississippi River and “they had to travel back up the steep hill toward Jonesboro. Now, this could have been Pansy Hill road where the Dan Frick family was raised and it could have been Mr Herman Frick who was the individual who would not permit them to pass through? Mr Darrell Dexter would be a good source to check this story and the facts as legend told them.

By the way, the Cherokee’s spent the winter perhaps in the Jonesboro area near the Trail of Tears State Park, off Route 127, now, a few miles. This would be south of Alto Pass and in the general area where John L Bittle and Hannah Kitts raised their family, near Dutch Creek in the Beech Grove area, near Hudgins Creek as well. The Bittle Family cemetery is located in this general area and I need to check that out with a Google map sometime. Many of the Cherokee’s could have stayed in the area and married the local residents, both male and female, it is said.

Joe told us that many people come to his house in search of ancestors who might be buried in the Frick/McClure cemetery. Located near the Daniel Frick homesite. Tony Ferrell also told me that a Tinsley/ Frick cemetery was located nearby there up on a ridge west of the homesite. Bob nor I remember a cemetery located there, if in fact there was and the report thereof is made by 2 most reliable individuals, and there could have been 2 cemeteries as described.

Joe Frick tells of 90 or more probate records located at the Jonesboro IL courthouse, now a brand new structure opened for business in 2013/14. I intend to do a search of those records in the near future. Perhaps they are even online in digital form at present?

Joe and our cousin, Fern Frick Dexter, are most knowledgeable of the Frick Story who came to the colonies from Switzerland in the early 1700’s locating in Buck’s County Pennsylvania first, then eventually migrating to Rowan County  North Carolina, where many German families were found in the 1700/1800 era. These were people whose ancestors back in Switzerland had their lands confiscated because of their Anabaptist persuasions. Many were”burned at the stake or imprisoned” as well. Many of the Frick family. Thus one can readily see why they emigrated to the colonies in search of religious freedom, as well as the freedoms contained eventually in the new Constitution and its amendments therein. You can also see why they were willing to risk life and limb to free themselves of the control of the British.

There was a mass migration of the German/Swiss to Illinois from Rowan County NC and they settled near the Lockard Chapel, Kornthal Church, on what is now known as the Airport Road, Berryville Road, old Cape Girardeau Road area in Union County IL. A look at old land maps indicate that Paul Frick owned at one time the land where the Jonesboro Cemetery is located and the Frick’s owned hundreds of acres around and near Jonesboro Illinois. I have these maps on my files.




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4 Responses to Chapter Nine …..Union County Illinois Tour

  1. Rhonda Kohl says:

    I am interested in your story of Paul Frick. My interest lies with Frick’s association with Ben Wiley, in which they had a business together in 1854. I am writing a biography of Wiley, and would like to learn more about Frick, his partner and friend. Please contact me at the address below.

    • bittle30 says:

      Rhonda for starters I would suggest you Google “Paul Frick Ben Wiley, Union County IL.
      A plethora of information will be found.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.
      Richard Bittle

    • bittle30 says:

      Rhonda are you perhaps the author of “The Prairie Boys Go to War”? Just wondering?

    • bittle30 says:

      Paul Frick was a very strong member of the Democrat party and Mr Ben Wiley, was a Lincoln supporter, Republican.
      Perhaps the reason for their ceasing to do business as a partnership?

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