Rest In Peace Grandpa and Grandma Frick Chapter 11

FROM: Dean and Lisa Destiche

TO: Dick Bittle

Date: Wednesday July 28, 1999   8:45 am

Subject: Heinrich (Fricker) Frick

Hello there!

What a pleasure to hear from you. I  just returned home from a trip to Illinois. While therre, we visited the Jonesboro Cemetery  and I took pictures of every Frick grave I could find, along with the related families that I could remember.

I am very glad that you were able to find the information that I have posted as that is what it is there for.  I strongly believe in sharing what information I have found. The information comes from a variety of places, including personal research, research done by other family members that have shared it with me, info that I have gathered from the internet and a wonderful book compiled and edited in 1984 by Ardath Edwards Katsenis, called “The Frick, Fricks, Frix Family of the South” or “The Three Brothers”. Also I have just received and have skimmed over a booklet written by Dr.

Johannes L. Schlenker, which has the lineage of some of the Frick’s in Union County IL. (note: I have on file,rb)

It states in this booklet, that “tradition states that Cornelius Frick was the son of a man named “Sams”. This is a southern dialect variant of “Simms”, a surname common in the region. A “Rhys Simms, (Rice Sams} is enumerated in the 1835 Illinois State Census for Union County IL: 40. Rice Simms;0-0/1, etc…..Note that Rhys (Welsh) is mispelt “Rice” in the Census. Death certificates were filed for both Cornelius Frick and his wife, but the names of the parents were omitted from both documents.

I’m really not sure of how this information came to be “tradition”. Rumors? Hearsay? Family lore? As yet, there is no documentation that has been found to with prove or disprove this “tradition”. (My note: I am of the opinion that the only person that I know who could verify the accuracy of this story, alive today, would be a Ms. Fern Frick, a cousin, or perhaps Joe Frick a cousin. It would be most informative, perhaps if they would agree to me with me for discussion purposes. (rb) )

Mary Jane Cook, the wife of Cornelius, was the daughter of Daniel Cook (1791 NC- 1850 Union Co Il) and Jemima Kennerly Cook (1806 NC – post 1880 Union Co IL)

The following article was extracted from the Jonesboro Gazette of 23 July 1914:

Prominent Farmer Dies: Cornelius Frick, son of Susannah Frick, died at his home two and a half miles west of Jonesboro at 5 am Wednesday morning July 1914. Funeral services were condu, and hected at Lockard Chapel Rev. W L Berger and burial was in the Jonesoro Cemetery, beside his wife who died nearly four years ago. He was baptized into the Lutheran faith about a month previous to his death. Mr. Frick was born in this county Feb. 15, 1833 (to Susanah Frick (no father mentions) and had reached the ripe old age of 81 years, 5 months and 7 days. Notwithstanding his advanced age he was hale and vigorous but a sickness befell him several weeks ago and he succumbed. His life was passed in the country and he had always lived and farmed, withing 2 miles of where he was born. It was an unassuming…industrious and useful life, and he became one of the wealthiest farmers in the county. His three sons, Sidney, Herman, and Angus, all engaged in farming, survive him and to them he left an example of honorable upright living more precious that lands and money….He also leaves 23 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Herman Frick married Isabella Braun (Brown), who is the daughter of John Braun (Brown) and Lucinda Meisenheimer. Herman was a farmer near Lockard Chapel Baptist Church. His father Cornelius Frick donated the land for the church, next to the Frick and Sams farms below Jonesboro.

NOTE: The above are excerpts from the email that I received from Lisa and Dean Destiche, Frick Cousins.

Richard Wayne Bittle May 17, 2014 nearly 100 year after Cornelius passed. Rest in Peace Grandpa and Grandma Frick





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