Historical & Bio to graphical Sketch of Frick Family/ H.L.Frick Chapter 12

The Frick family originated in Switzerland of Celtic-Burgandian Ancestry and has been traced back to 1113. The variants of the surname Frick are; Fricke, Frech, Frickh, Frik and Vrick. This surname, according to some authorities on Heraldry is an abbreviation of the surname “Frederich”. In old High German, the name derived its origin from some township, village, parish, or hamlet, in Germany or Holland.

Early records show that Gorius (Gregor) Frick had a farm near Utenberg, Knonau, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. He was married on Oct 28, 1553 to Elizabeth Huber of Mettmenstetten. There is a record of a stained glass window in the Zurich Art Gallery, dedicated to  Gregor and Jacob Frick, dated 1595.

Many of the Frick’s who settled early in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, can trace their ancestry back directly  to this family.

During the 1600’s there was much political and religious turmoil in Europe and records indicate that many of the Frick’s left Switzerland and immigrated to America.

Frick Switzerland is a small town, located in northwest Switzerland about sixty miles from the German border.

REF. Library of Congress Washington  D.C.   H.L.Frick 12-1-55

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