Biography of Benjamin Buckner (Pop) Ferrell Chapter 15 Union County Tour

Benjamin B. Ferrell, my great grandfather, father of Doris Lillian Ferrell Frick, my grandmother, wife of Daniel Frick, my grandfather, son of Herman L. Frick, my great grandfather, husband of Isabella Brown, my great grandmother, son of Cornelius Frick,(Mary Jane Cook), son of Susannah Frick, daughter of Jacob Frick, who came to Illinois, Union County ca 1823, Jonesboro IL.

Here is his story as depicted in The History of Southern Illinois,page 1527.

It is a safe presumption that Benjamin B. Ferrell, a well known agriculturist of Union County, who is also identified with some of Anna Jonesboro’s leading business interests, is an example of self-made manhood that is worthy of the most persistent and conscientious emulation. A native of this county, of Scotch-Irish descent, Pop from the time of his arrival  at maturity has marked his career with unceasing toil and honorable occupation and transactions. From a laddie with but few advantages and only humble prospects his rise has incessantly been in the ascendancy.

Pop was born in Union County, Illinois, in 1872, not long after the Civil insurrection, and is a son of William and Mary C. (Tinsley) Ferrell, the former a native of Tennessee who came to Union County in 1864, and the latter born here.

Mr. Ferrell attended the district schools of Union county as a youth, but most of his education was secured in the school of hard work, as he was expected to do a full share of work on his father’s farm.Reared to agricultural pursuits, at the age of 15 years he began farming on his own account, sharing crops until he was able to purchase twenty two acres of land in 1905, on which he is carrying on gardening and truck farming (P.1528) farming, and he is now the owner of the old homestead farm of three hundred and sixty acres, a wheat and grain farm which is in a fine state of cultivation and yields banner crops.

Recently Mr. Ferrell has paid much attention to the cultivation of strawberry plants, and he is gradually building up  an excellent business in this line, his product having been brought to a high state of excellence through much study and constant experiment.

Although he had but a meager formal education when he started out in life, close observation and self teaching have made him a well informed man, and he is fully abreast of the times in all the live topics of the day. He is a stockholder in the Anna Creamery.

Politically a Democrat, Mr. Ferrell has been active in the ranks of his party, and has served as street commissioner in the city of Jonesboro, for two years, a position which he ably fills at the present time. His fraternal connections are with the Modern Woodmen of America and the Odd Fellows.

On November 24, 1895, Mr. Ferrell was united in marriage with Miss Augusta Jane Turner, who was born in Union County, daughter of Perry B Turner, one of the old settlers of this section. Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell have become the parents of three children. Dorris Lillian, Bessie B. and Benjamin H., all residing at home.

Note: Benjamin H. Ferrell is the father of cousin Anthony H (Tony) Ferrell. He was also known as Bus Ferrell, who married Ruth Flamm. Tony lives presently in New Mexico. Albequerque.

Note: Pop Ferrell resided on  Williford Road Jonesboro, circa April 1910. Tony affectionately calls it the Big House. I think it was ordered from Sears as a package and constructed on site by carpenters, including Pop. The 3 story house had a veranda, on 3 sides. There was a Grape Arbor on the real estate and perhaps Pop was a vintner at one time. I remember vividly that Pop always had a cigar working which he would place on a toothpick when he could no longer hold because of it’s small size. Actually, he wanted to get every last cents worth, displaying no doubt his Scotch ancestry.

My mother, Pauline Frick Bittle, would stay at her grandparents for extended periods, and one could say that she was raised from a little girl by Pop and Grandma Augusta Jane Turner Ferrell, according to stories she would tell me when I was young.

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2 Responses to Biography of Benjamin Buckner (Pop) Ferrell Chapter 15 Union County Tour

  1. Don Choa says:

    I remember Pop Ferrell,when I first started going to the first Baptist Church in Jonesboro,it seemed like he was always there. I had a couple of reasons why I was attending FBC one was because Sue went there,and I got to see her,another reason was FBC had a good fast pitch softball team and they asked me to be a part of that team,I liked that,but the catch was you had to attend church each week in order to play,that got me started attending Church,Charlie Dale was the coach.I have never regretted having to obey that rule !

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