Chapter 11 (continued) Rest In Peace

From: Lois Cypert  To: Dick Bittle Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 4:55 pm  (email) Re Cornelius Frick


Glad to hear from you and to see how you are connected in the Frick Family. Did your Daniel Frick, b 11 July 1897, Union County IL., d 3 May 1973, Anna, IL., marry Doris Farrell (Ferrell), b 14 Jan. 1899, died Aug 1983? They married June 1918, Union County, IL.

Does the following Frick info seem correct to you? 

Sorry that I do not know the father of Cornelius Frick. I just show that he was given his mother, Susannah Frick’s maiden name as his surname and that she was born in Rowan County NC in 1797, died 8 March 1869, two miles south of Jonesboro, Union Co IL at age 72.

You said that there are rumors of who Cornelius Frick’s father may have been. Can you share that rumor with me? There had to be some reason why Cornelius father was never made know, and that Cornelius was not given his surname?

I show Susannah’s parents were Jacob Frick, b 1751 Bucks Co, PA., d Jan. 1839 Union County IL., and Eva Elizabeth Earnhardt, b 13 May 1771, Lowhill Twhshp, Northampton PA., d 9 Sept 1852, Union Co IL. They married in Sept 1788 Rowan County NC. They had 12 children all born in Rowan county NC.
Jacob Frick b 1751 was supposedly the only Frick to have served in the Revolutionary War. Jacob also served with my g-grandfather, Lieutenant and later Captain Wendell Miller, b 1733- Dorenbach, Germany, died 1805 Rowan County NC.

I understand that Jacob Frick, b 1751, and Wendell Miller b 1733 had quite a career together.

Jacob Frick’s parents were Rudolf “Rudy” Frick, b 15 Sept 1709, Knonau, Uttenberg Switzerland and wife, Veronica, 1720 (28) Pennsylvania. They had four children all born in Buck’s County PA. Rudolph (Rudy) sailed on the ship, Lydia, arriving in Philadelphia, 12 Nov. 1739.

Eva Elizabeth Earnhardt’s parents were, George Earnhardt, born Ilebesheim, Bavaria Germany and died in Rowan County NC, and wife Maria Margaretha Heilman. They had 8 children. Seven were born in Lowhill Twnshp, Northampton County PA., and one child was born in Rowan county, NC.

Rudolph (Rudy) Frick’s parents were, Felix Frick, b 6 June 1669, Knonau, Switzerland, d 11 April 1738, and wife Barbara Grob, b 9 Nov 1673 Knonau, Switzerland. They had 4 children all born in Switzerland. Her parents were Hans Grob, b Uerzlikon, Kappel, Switzerland. Felix Frick’s parents were Jacob Frick, b 10 Dec 1615-Knonau Switzerland, d 4 Jan 1671/72 Knonau, Switzerland and wife, Verena Gilpin, b abt 1632, Knonau, Switzerland. They married 1653 and had 8 children, all born in Switzerland.  Jacob and Verena may have married twice.

Jacob Frick’s parents were maybe, Oswald Frick, b-abt 1585, Knonau Uttenburg, Switzerland and wife Katherina Gallman, b-abt 1586, Wissenbach, Mettmenstetten, Zurich, Switzerland. They married 15 Feb 1606/07, Knonau. They had 5 children all born in Switzerland. Jacob Frick being Cornelius Frick’s grandfather and Susannah Frick’s father.

I hope the names, and vital info for all of the children of the above families helps some.

Thank you,

Lois Cypert


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