Visitors : Please Identify Yourself and Relationship, If ANY

We have had visitors from Brazil….San Marino…. Spain….USA and South Africa.

It would be most welcome if you could tell us who you are and relationship to the Bittle or Frick and allied families, if possible at the comment section. Thank you

Richard Bittle

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7 Responses to Visitors : Please Identify Yourself and Relationship, If ANY

  1. Relationship to Richard Bittle. I am his first cousin, once-removed.

    • bittle30 says:

      Well hello to you Tony and I did not know you were named after me…Wayne? Ha. Ha.
      Know you enjoyed your voyage and most likely glad to be back home as well. Hope you enjoy my blog.

  2. Great trip, 44 days, two consecutive tours. Yes, we were ready to come home. Will be in A-J in October, 55th H. S. reunion. Hope to see you while there. Anthony Wayne

  3. Shannon Rhodes says:

    Hey there! I’m Shannon Rhodes from Cape Girardeau, MO. I’ve really enjoyed reading your accounts of “the holler,” as I know it, at Dry Branch in Union County Illinois. My grandfather, Billie Rhodes grew up there along with the Bittles. His brother Carl still lives in the house near there, built by Jacob R. Rhodes and Margarette E. Bittle (daughter of John L.) in the 1880s. My dad, Everett has also mentioned the Hog Killin Day you remember. I’ve been to the holler a few times to fish or see the Rhodes – Bittle cemetery tucked in the woods. I came across your blog while searching for anything I could find about the history of that specific community, and was pleasantly surprised to find your writing. Please keep it coming- I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Shannon Rhodes says:

    P.S. My grandmother, Lucille Gibson, grew up near Berryville Rd.

  5. bittle30 says:

    Shannon, as you know there are Frick families still residing on Berryville Road or in close proximity.

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