Chapter Three….Eight Thousand Miles as the Crow Flies

If you would like to participate as a donor I will be providing the pertinent information in the remaining chapters of this adventure. You will be doing your part to assist those in need in a country 8,000 miles from America, The United States.
Leaving in a jet plane, don’t know if I’ll be back again, to paraphrase a popular song of a few years ago…That ride takes most of 24 hours to complete, start to finish. Soaring along at 850 kilo per hour in a whisper quiet missile accompanied by 300 occupants who for one reason or another are going and coming to and from Africa, a continent so vast the the flight over it never seems to end.
I left St. Louis Lambert Field, on Friday October 10, 2008 and flew to Detroit and then to JFK, New York and then boarded South African Airways on the first leg of the travel, Dakar. There we refueled and changed crews and then took off for Johannesburg, SA., where the night was spent at the Airport Grand Hotel.
I had packed 2-50# action packers and a 17 pound backpack carry on that contained necessities for Africa. I had met veteran Well Digger Jerry Roush of Quincy Illinois, at checkin in St.Louis as he was just ahead of me at that time. He was a very nice and jolly compatriot and was able to inform me of his past trips to Malawi, Africa. My wife, Kay had bid me adieu and then we boarded the 737 that would carry us back to Africa, from whence we originally began as a species, or so some say. Jerry, a volunteer of MMM had been there some 5 times previous and I felt comfort having made his acquaintance early on in my rookie trip.
At JFK I had met other “missionaries” who were voluteers as well, and had paid their own expenses that totaled approximately $5,000.00. Jeff Grote, a Presbyterian minister from Mt. Zion Illinois and Russ Peterson, a member of his congregation. From Watertown New York, Ken Reed and Don Klug and from Eerie PA, Joel Magee. Our mission proceeded as the assimilation went forward in hopes and prayers of completing the goals set by Tom Logan. Dedication 1500 wells in 1500 villages in remote corners of Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia, Africa. “Glory to God” was the byword or in the African language, “Uchindami Kwa Chiuta”. I should mention that many of the Malawi people speak English perhaps better than I.
We learned that “All Things Are Possible, Only Believe”, if in fact we had not already learned that valuable phrase somewhere along the way, in our lifetime. Much water had passed under the bridge in our search for the real meaning of life, and that is to help those who perhaps can not help themselves without assistance.
Day 2 had arrived, Saturday October 11, 2008 and I am in Johannesburg South Africa, some 7 hours into the day ahead of Marion Illinois, central daylight savings time. As it now appears Day Two has been consumed.
Planning for my trip had begun more than 2 years ago,

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