Chapter Two “Benifits of Clean Water”

“African villagers understand and value the benefits from protected shallow wells. The water is clean and pleasant to drink and utilize for other purposes. The water source is nearby, not far away. Moreover, as confirmed by reports of public health officials,and missionary doctors, waterborne epidemic diseases are eliminated and they no longer have to deal with the ravages of epidemic diseases, in those areas where protected shallow wells have been installed. These officials are strong supporters of the Marion Medical Mission’s Shallow Well Program.” Studies have documented that “incidences of diarrhea, bilharzia, and cholera were not evident where a well has been provided to those villages” (Evelyn Davis, 2005). The baseline group of villages that have applied but have not yet received protected shallow wells told of constant illnesses, even death, as a result of unsafe drinking water conditions. The full study is available as the Marion Medical Mission website, or Facebook site.
HIV-Aids another health issue is being addressed and the George Bush administration provided millions of dollars in aid to the Africa countries. Average age has diminished from 52 in 1995 to 37 in 2008, and HIV-Aids being the principal cause of the decrease in the average longevity factor. Thankfully, that issue is being addressed with those funds provided.
I will be giving more details of the 21 day sojourn into deepest, darkest Africa in the next few chapters.

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