Bill Paxton – Who Do You Think You Are – The Three Stones

DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy

This weeks’ episode with Bill Paxton is really outstanding.  Now, I might be biased, because as it turns out, Bill’s ancestor, Benjamin Sharp shares some historic events and locations with some of my ancestors too.

Bill started his journey in the library in Los Angeles, California, where their genealogist unrolls Bill’s pedigree chart.  I sure wish someone would give me one of those with a bow and a few new ancestors to boot!

Paxton Compliments of TLC

These pedigree giftings really make me smile.  The recipients are always so excited to see their heritage literally open up before them.

Bill already knew quite a bit about his closest few Paxton ancestors, including that one of his ancestors was an officer in the Civil War, so Bill was looking back up the tree to the Revolutionary War era where he found 3 different men, all 4 times great grandfathers, who could well have served.  Checking the…

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