Mother’s Day – Tracking the Mitochondrial DNA Line

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Just for fun, for Mother’s Day, here is the visual history of my mitochondrial DNA line.  It’s fun, quick to do and a great way to share DNA information with your family!


My daughter.


My son.

me at 5


mom toddler

My mother – Barbara Jean Ferverda (1922-2006)

Edith as a child cropped

My grandmother – Edith Barbara Lore (1888-1960) married John Whitney Ferverda

Nora Kirsch wedding

My great-grandmother – Ellenore “Nora” Kirsch (1866-1949) married Curtis Benjamin Lore

barbara drechsel cropped

Barbara Drechsel – German immigrant – (1848-1930) married Jacob Kirsch

I wish we had photos of Barbara’s mother, Barbara Mehlheimer (1823-1906) who married George Drechsel and immigrated to Aurora, Indiana.  Her mother was Elisabetha Mehlheimer.

Thank you to all of the mothers who came before and contributed their mitochondrial DNA, along with everything else, to their children…and ultimately to my children!

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